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Kentucky Author Erin Dullaghan Jones Releases the next adventure in the award-winning Susie & Johnny Grilled Cheese Book Series ™

Louisville, KY, February 7, 2024 – Kentucky Author Erin Dullaghan Jones continues to expand has released the latest installment of her children’s book series starring her delightfully cheese-y (!) characters, Susie & Johnny Grilled Cheese, with the release of Susie & Johnny Grilled Cheese Take a Spectacular National Park Adventure.


This captivating children's book takes readers on a thrilling journey to the top five national parks in the world. Join Susie and Johnny as they explore breathtaking mountains, encounter fascinating animals, and embark on exhilarating hikes. Along the way, they discover the transformative power of nature and develop a deep appreciation for the environment. After their incredible adventure, Susie and Johnny share their photographs with their families, only to be surprised by a mysterious clue that hints at their next destination. This enchanting book will leave readers – youngsters and adults! - eagerly anticipating the next chapter in Susie and Johnny's exciting and extraordinary treehouse adventures.


All Susie & Johnny Grilled Cheese adventures, plus their coloring book and special holiday editions, are available in paperback at


Also, be sure to follow their adventures and everything new on social media at and




Erin Jones, in.Mode Marketing







ABOUT ERIN JONES: Erin Dullaghan Jones has 25+ years of professional experience and her in.Mode Marketing is an industry-leading agency specializing in crisis communications, public relations, social media, and more. She established in.Mode Publishing is an arm of the agency along with a group of established editors, illustrators, and contributors, and she is the official Creative Director and Author of all books which have been, and will be, published as part of the in.Mode Marketing Group. Jones is also an accomplished speaker and professional marketing trainer with a notable resume of public speaking engagements at keynote events throughout the country. Contact her directly via phone or text message at 502.774.0767 or email


ABOUT SUSIE & JOHNNY GRILLED CHEESE: The concept and story series began due to Erin’s imagination to develop a compelling, multi-part bedtime story for her children – twin girls and a son – when they were younger. Its charming storylines and graphic design caught the attention of Amazon and its Kindle edition division and the rest, as they say, is now history. Visit to learn more about these two roustabout cheese sandwiches!


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