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Enjoy all the Adventures

Meet Susie & Johnny Grilled Cheese
Adventure #1
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This is a story about Susie & Johnny Grilled Cheese. They are the best of friends. They meet at the bus stop on school days and head to Tomato Soup Elementary. After school, they always plan a new adventure and see what they are getting into this time.

Susie & Johnny Grilled Cheese
Take a Ride through a Rainforest
Adventure #3

Susie & Johnny are off on a brand new adventure to a rainforest. Little did they know they would be exploring one of the world's largest rainforests and seeing many types of animals. Join your best friends on this trip, and you can learn what this rainforest lives there.

Susie & Johnny Grilled Cheese Take An Out of This World Adventure
Adventure #2

Susie & Johnny were thrilled with the fun they had on their last adventure to the Pink Palace Museum of Art & History. This time they find themselves on a space adventure that begins on Mars. They learn more about certain planets along the way and even have their own space suits.

Get Colorful with
Susie & Johnny Grilled Cheese

Have some fun coloring scenes with Susie & Johnny Grilled Cheese. Their many adventures, whether biking, hiking, swimming, or jumping are captured in this coloring book. We hope you enjoy expressing your creativity through their eyes.



A yummy way to start reading 🤣What a fun book to share with your littles as they start learning to read! They’ll have you read it to them time and time again until they’re reading it to you - and then you and your children will be looking for Susie and Johnny’s next adventure as the series rolls out.

A delighted Uncle from Amazon

My nephews giggled out loud!
I bought this darling book for my nephews for
Christmas. The belly laughed through the book as I read it to them. It made me giggle too because of course, we all love grilled cheese with tomato soup! It’s a great message as well!

Beth Barrett, Amazon

A Sweet Story of Friendship

My 5&3-year-olds love it! They like to pretend about what adventures they’ll go on after reading. Family favorite!

Lisa of Louisville, Ky

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